Lauren bielawski

VP, Operations

As VP of Operations at Blackwood, Lauren is responsible for driving organizational effectiveness through the implementation of systems, processes and tools used by the company to deliver the experiences that Blackwood is known for throughout the industry. In her role, she oversees operational design, accounting, financial and corporate compliance functions, along with daily operations tied to Human Resources and Customer Experience.

Lauren is passionate about extending and enhancing the Blackwood reputation by providing the highest quality customer and partner experience. Her primary focus is tuning Blackwood’s operational practices to achieve stability and scalability through streamlined process.

Lauren earned a B.S in Fashion Design and Merchandising from West Virginia University, and a master’s degree in Management with a concentration in Marketing from UMGC. She served in various leadership roles at Nordstrom prior to joining Blackwood in 2015. Outside of the office, Lauren enjoys spending time with her husband, dogs and growing family. Any given Saturday, you can find her following Mountaineer football or basketball—let’s go Mountaineers!